Pediatric Catheters

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pediatric catheters

Pediatric care requires empathy and compassion. We are proud to serve children with top-notch care and offer the best catheter brands for your children. Your child deserves the best catheters, and we are happy to help.

Catheters are tubes that are inserted into a child’s body through the urethra or another stoma to help drain urine from the bladder. Children may need catheters for a variety of reasons, like if they have spina bifida, a J-pouch, a spinal cord injury, a neurogenic bladder, or other medical conditions.

All children have unique needs— that’s why we carry an array of different catheters from the best brands.

Pediatric Catheter Sizes

Pediatric catheters come in different sizes that fit the smaller bodies of children. Most pediatric-length catheters are around 10 inches, whereas typical adult male catheters are typically 16 inches and adult female catheters are usually 6-8 inches.

Catheter Measurement and Sizing

Finding the right size for your child’s catheter ensures their comfort.

All catheters are measured in the French measurement system, but most catheter brands use a universal color-coding measurement system to help identify the French size of the catheter your child needs.

Using the right catheter size is important to make sure your child’s catheter drains efficiently. If your child’s catheter is too small, it may not drain properly and can create a mess. If your child’s catheter is too big then your child may experience pain and discomfort. Catheters can be painless and comfortable for your child with the right size.  Speak to a healthcare professional or a urologist to figure out which one of our catheter sizes is the best fit for you!

Different Types of Pediatric Catheters

There are different types of catheters available to your child, depending on their anatomy. The options include:

  • Uncoated straight catheter— pediatric length
  • Hydrophilic and pre-lubricated catheter— pediatric length
  • Closed system catheter kit— pediatric length

Uncoated Straight Catheter for Children

The most common intermittent catheter for children is a pediatric straight catheter, otherwise known as an uncoated catheter. A pediatric straight catheter is a straight tube made of plastic, silicone, red rubber, or another material.

A pediatric straight catheter requires additional lubricant for more comfortable insertion. Many prefer to use single-use lubrication packages or buy their own bottle of lubricant. We sell bottles of special lubricant for catheters.

Hydrophilic Catheter and Pre-lubricated Catheters for Children

Pediatric hydrophilic catheters are similar to straight catheters, however, these catheters use advanced technology to produce their own lubricant when activated with water. No separate lubricant purchases are needed! These pediatric catheters come fully lubricated and often with separate water packets. Just insert the catheter into the water packet, then it is ready to insert.

We also offer pre-lubricated pediatric catheters for children. These catheters are ready to use upon opening the package. No water is needed to activate the lubricant. These catheters make it much easier to self-catheterize your child.

Because these catheters do not require separate lubrication and handling, using these catheters involves a lesser risk of bacteria contamination and urinary tract infections.

Closed System Catheter Kits for Children

Pediatric closed system catheter kits are a complete set for everything you need for self-catheterization. They contain a straight, hydrophilic, or pre-lubricated catheter integrated into ready-to-go collection bags, gloves, and antiseptic wipes.

They are ideal for travel, or for children in wheelchairs since there is no need for a toilet or receptacle to dispose of waste immediately. Pediatric closed system catheter kits are an all-in-one product that ensures a sterile environment for cathing your child, no matter where you are.

Premium pediatric catheters for your child— delivered right at your doorstep. Stay tuned, we are on the way!