Insurance Information

insurance us catheter suppliesYour catheter supply can be covered by your insurance. Talk to our specialists for more information.

You are more than just a customer to us– at US Catheter Supplies we value your health and wellbeing. We will work with you and your insurance provider to ensure you can get the quality catheter supplies you need to live a healthy, and higher quality of life. Any and all paperwork is handled by our expert specialists.

We are an approved Medicare provider and in most states we are a Medicaid provider.

Insurance Policies

  • We are in-network with many private insurance pay plans
  • Out-of-network private pay benefits are generally accepted and approved by us
  • Deductibles are handled on an individual basis
  • Even if you do not have secondary insurance we can work on providing you with the products you want at the lowest price, and we may be able to remove any co-pay.

We are not currently selling product at the moment.

Check back with us later to see how our specialists can work with your insurance provider to provide you the lowest cost on the market.