Catheters for Men

Self-Catheterization Doesn’t Have to be Hard


male cathetersCatheters are sterile tubes inserted through your urethra or through a stoma to drain urine from the bladder.

Many men need catheters for many reasons– to help with urinary retention, prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancer treatment, or other conditions. US Catheter Supply has many different catheter options to fit all of your needs.

We supply intermittent catheters for men, which are inserted through the urethra into the bladder to empty urine. These are different from indwelling catheters, which remain inside the body for a longer period. Disposable intermittent catheters are inserted and removed multiple times a day, as needed.

Nowadays, technology has advanced so many catheters are light and discreet to carry for everyday use and are comfortable and painless to insert. Self-catheterization doesn’t have to be hard. Learn more about the easy-to-use catheters we offer!

Male Length Catheters

The male urethra is longer compared to the female urethra, so male, or unisex catheters are typically around 16 inches long. However, we offer shorter, more discreet, and compact options for men. We supply the most popular catheter brands. Learn more about what we offer.

Easy French Catheter Measurement and Sizing

Determining which length catheter is best for your needs is integral to ensuring efficient draining and the best comfortability.

Catheters are measured using the French measurement system, but most catheter brands use a universal color-coding measurement system to help you find the correct French size of the catheter you need.

Find the right catheter length is important for your body. If your catheter is too small, it may not drain properly and create a mess. If your catheter is too big then you may experience pain and discomfort. All of these problems are completely avoidable by purchasing the correct catheter size and length. Speak to a urologist, or healthcare professional to figure out which one of our catheter sizes is best fit for you! Our professionals are also equipped to help you with ensuring your catheter is the best fit for you.

Insertion Tips for Male Catheters: Straight and Coudé Tips

There are different types of catheter insertion tips for male catheters.

Most men use the standard straight catheter tip, which is slightly tapered to help insert the catheter comfortably.

Coudé tip catheters, on the other hand, have a curved tip to help insert the catheter comfortably and can be used to bypass urethral structures, an enlarged prostate, or blockages in the urethral passage. This catheter tip is best used for patients who have difficulty passing straight catheters.

Types of Intermittent Male Cathers Available

There are three main types of intermittent catheters that males use and that we supply:

  • Straight Catheters – Male Length
  • Hydrophilic Catheters – Male Length
  • Closed System Catheters – Male Length

Male Straight Catheters

Male-length straight intermittent catheters must be manually lubricated before insertion. They are often called uncoated catheters for this reason. You can buy your own lubricant to use, but we also supply catheter lubricant.

Straight catheters are lighter than catheters that need insertion supplies, so they are easy to carry and are nearly weightless. Straight catheters are also available as pocket catheters, which are curved or in a U-shaped container and can easily and subtly be carried anywhere in your pocket or briefcase.

Male Hydrophilic Catheters

Similar to straight catheters, hydrophilic catheters are lightweight and easy to insert.
However, hydrophilic catheters use new technology to make catheter insertion and cleanup easier.

Hydrophilic catheters have a special coating that acts as a lubricant when activated by water. Additional lubricant is not needed! Hydrophilic catheters are also known as pre-lubricated catheters for this reason.

Some hydrophilic catheters we offer have their own sterile water packet that you can soak the catheter in— then it is ready to use. Other brands we offer sell hydrophilic catheters that are already lubricated upon opening the package and are easily disposable once used.

Most hydrophilic catheters include a no-touch safe sleeve to help insert your catheter to reduce direct contact with the tube and avoid contamination.

Hydrophilic, coated catheters are better for reducing urethral trauma upon insertion or urinary tract infections.

Male Closed System Catheters

Closed system catheters contain everything you need for self-cathing: the pre-lubricated or a hydrophilic sterile catheter, which connects to a self-contained collection bag. These catheter systems are also known as touchless or no-touch catheters.

Most brands’ closed system catheter kids also include insertion supplies, like gloves, an underpad,  and antiseptic wipes. Because closed catheter systems have many more supplies other than just the catheter, they are not as discreet to use.

Most close system kits also include a pre-lubricated introducer tip, which prevents the spread of bacteria into the urethra and bladder. This tip is great for reducing urinary tract infections.

These closed-system catheters are ideal for people who use wheelchairs since they can self-catheterize from their chairs and do not need a toilet or another drainage receptacle to dispose of their urine. It is an easy and simple catheter to use.

Our premier catheters will be available for home-delivery soon. Stay tuned!