Bard/BD Catheters

BD Bard Catheter Brand LogoBard Medical has serviced millions of customers with top-notch urology products for over 100 years. Founded as Bard Urologic Division, now called Bard Medical, they have become one of the leading brands of urology products. As part of BD, (Becton, Dickinson, and Company). As one of the world’s biggest medical technology companies, Bard Medical has continued to innovate and transform the urological supply industry.

We are proud to sell an extensive selection of Bard and BD Catheters. View our selection below.

Bard Catheters and BD Catheters

We offer the following array of BD and Bard catheters and catheter supplies in female, male, and pediatric lengths.

  • Hydrophilic Catheters
  • Straight Catheters
  • Touchless Closed System Catheters

BD | Bard offer their catheters in red rubber and coudé tips.

Most Popular BD and Bard Catheters

Browse BD | Bard’s most popular catheter products below:

BD Ready-to-Use Hydrophilic Catheter Kits

BD delivers comfortable and easy-to-use hydrophilic catheter kits for men, women, and children.

BD Straight Catheters

The straight catheter is the most popular type of catheter BD sells for men, women, and children.

BD innovated this straight catheter by inserting heat-polished eyelets on the straight insertion tip for a more comfortable insertion with less friction.

These catheters do not contain DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber latex. Plus, BD color codes the catheter funnels for easy identification.

Bard Coudé Catheters

Bard and Bardia catheters come with a Coudé, rounded tip for easier insertion. They also come in red rubber options for those with no latex allergies.

We sell BD and Bard catheters at US Catheter Supply. Though we are not shipping products at the moment, we cannot wait to offer BD and Bard catheters at a competitive price.