Coloplast Catheters

Coloplast has created urology catheters for patients’ healthcare needs for nearly 60 years. Coloplast is one of the best medical technology companies worldwide and has a variety of catheters for your male, female, and pediatric needs.

You will be able to browse the Coloplast catheters we offer soon.

Coloplast Catheter Types

  • SpeediCath Hydrophilic Catheters
  • Hydrophilic Catheters
  • Closed System Catheter Kits
  • Straight Catheters
  • Coudé Tip Catheters

SpeediCath Catheters

We offer Coloplast’s most popular catheter– SpeediCath Hydrophilic Catheters in male, female, and pediatric lengths. There are also compact, coudé tip, self-cath, and discreet flex options in male, female, and pediatric lengths. Stay tuned to browse our Coloplast SpeediCath catheters soon.

Coloplast Closed System Catheter Kits

Coloplast closed system catheters offer a sterile way to self-cath, with all of the equipment you need, like a collection bag and gloves. All are available in female, male, and pediatric lengths. Browse our Coloplast Closed System selection soon.

Coloplast Straight Catheters

Coloplast straight catheters are easy to use for men, women, and children. We even offer straight catheters with coudé tips.

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