Medline Catheters

Medline is the largest private manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, including catheters, in America. They have the industry knowledge when it comes to manufacturing the best catheters and other healthcare supplies to ensure you have the best, highest-quality products.

Most Popular Medline Catheters

  • Straight Catheters
  • Closed system catheters and catheter kits
  • Red rubber latex coude catheter

Medline offers male, female, and pediatric catheters, made of vinyl, red rubber, and featuring coude tips.

Closed System Catheter kits

The closed system catheters and catheter kits are an all-in-one system. All of these kits come with the intermittent coated or hydrophilic catheter and a collection bag that is connected to the catheter. There is no need to go to a disposal area to self-catheterize. Some Medline catheter kits even include an additional catheter kit with gloves and sterile wipes. These no-touch systems are ideal to lessen the risk of bacterial contamination when self-catheterizing. Medline has safe options for you.


You can purchase Medline catheters and healthcare supplies with your insurance. We’re taking orders soon!