Lofric Catheters

Lofric offers the most widely tested catheters on the market– they are the only company to carry the hydrophilic scientifically proven to reduce long-term complications. Lofric catheters are the only hydrophilic catheters to ensure the catheter stays coated in lubricant from insertion to withdrawal– making it one of the most painless catheters out there. Try out Lofric for yourself!

Most Popular Lofric Catheters

Lofric sells catheters of all types in all sizes, for male, female, and pediatric lengths. They use Urotonic Surface technology so that inserting their hydrophilic catheters is never uncomfortable. Their catheters come in straight and coude tips and closed systems.

  • LoFric Hydro-Kit Catheters
  • LoFric Hydrophilic Catheters
  • LoFric Origo Coude Catheters
  • LoFric Origo Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters
  • LoFric Primo Catheters

Lofric Primo Hydrophilic Catheter

This hydrophilic catheter features Urotonic™ Surface Technology for smooth insertion and withdrawal every time. Just pop open the accompanying water sachet to activate the coating. This catheter is foldable and discreet.

Lofric Elle Female Hydrophilic Catheter

Lofric offers an even more safe and sterile way for women to self-catheterize, yet in a discreet way. The catheter is ergonomic and has an outer shell that become a handle for self-catheterization. This a no-touch catheter, with a slim chance of bacterial contamination, yet it still fits discreetly in any bag. With the same Urotonic™ Surface Technology, not only is this catheter even more safe, but still less painless.